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Great Lakes Water Conservation Conference

Jan 19, 2016

Great Lakes Water Conservation Conference for breweries, allied industry and water policy makers

April 19-20, 2016 - Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Briggs is proud to be the seven year Sustaining Sponsor of the Great Lakes Water Conference !

"Topics for this year's conference include advances in waste to energy systems, an overview of energy access and distribution within the Great Lakes basin, policy update on water regulations in the Great Lakes basin, solar and wind power installations to save energy (and Great Lakes water), brewery designs for energy recapture, landscape designs for storm water management and more. Practical case histories are most important, with insights into budget/ROI that can help business plans. Panels representing the experiences of brewpub operators as well as packaging breweries are welcome."

For further updates and information you can follow the Great Lakes Water Conservation Conference (@GLwater) and Lucy Saunders (@lucybeercook) on twitter.