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The PharMix differentiates itself from our YorkWay by virtue of its powered lid-lift.
  • A wide range of standard sizes are available. Custom sizes up to 10,000 litres can be provided
  • Hygienic construction in stainless steel and long-life, easy-maintenance craftsmanship
  • All internal welds ground and polished
  • Contra or uni-directional agitation and anchor & baffle are independent
  • Variable for both speed and direction
  • Vessel wall scrapers of low-wear PTFE (FDA-approved), give long-life, efficient operation
  • Emulsification options ('bottom entry' or 'in-line'). Particulate reduction to 10 microns. Two speeds, 1400/2800 rpm, close-meshed rotor/stator design
  • Atmospheric or Pressure/Vacuum systems. P/V offers reduced cycle times, improved de-aeration and vacuum loading options
  • A range of various heating/cooling methods
  • Choice of insulation standards
  • Manual, automatic and semi-automatic versions
  • Fully CIP/SIP compatible
  • Full IQ/OQ support available
  • Viscosities from 1 to 1 million cps, high-shear or low-shear
  • Containment options for safe and efficient additions handling
  • Flame-proof systems available for explosive atmospheres

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