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GMAG Magnetic Mixer

Giusti has long recognised the benefits of Magnetic Mixers for ultra sterile operations. The vessel shell is not penetrated and there are no mechanical seals. This also prevents toxic or high value media from leaking out of the vessel. Suitable for viscosities up to 1000 cps the GMAG range offers great batch flexibility, because a relatively small volume of product will cover the impeller mounted very close to the vessel bottom. Bottom mounting also leaves the top of the vessel clear for easy vessel access.

GMAG has a drive mechanism that can be removed quickly and easily – a major advantage, because small vessels can then be autoclaved rather than sterilised-in-place (if preferred). All product contact parts are stainless steel 316L, with special grade tungsten carbide bearing surfaces. These allow smooth trouble free operation and are an integral part of the impeller head and carrier.

The open impeller design allows easy cleaning and can easily be removed for separate cleaning and sterilisation. Giusti has extensive experience of CIP/SIP.

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