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Vesuvio is a new concept in cook/cool systems for the Food Processing industry. The system comprises two separate skidded packages. The first includes the main cooking and cooling vessel, MCC cabinet and controls package. The other is the vacuum cooling plant.

Vesuvio is particularly aimed at cooked products with a water content, where cooling times on all of the standard systems are typically 40 minutes from 98°C to 4°C. Heating times are equally impressive and benefit greatly from the use of Giusti's patented Vapinject steam injection unit - and burn-on is also much reduced.

All Vesuvio systems feature the GiustiMix scraped surface agitator for gentle but effective agitation of shear sensitive products and excellent temperature homogeneity.

Control comes via a fully featured GiustiMax modular control package which allows either manual or semi automatic operation via a touch screen control panel and a suite of simple but effective control screens.

A 250L litre trial system is available for product trials at the Campden and Chorleywood Food Research Association Group (CCFRA) in Chipping Campden, UK.

Click Here for a copy of a Poster presentation by Karin Mehauden of Birmingham University, on Time Temperature Indicators (TTI's), as an indicator of pasteurisation efficiency.

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