Vertical Mixers

Vertical Mixers

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The Giusti range of Vertical Mixers is available in standard and custom sizes. The range of vessels can be supplied with contra-agitators, or uni-directional agitation. The Vertical Mixer range is suited to applications requiring particularly high work-rates, for example confectionary and sweet sauces.

Because of the nature of the products for which Vertical Mixing is a solution, an emulsifier is usually specified as part of the package, either in-vessel or in-line.

The units are either atmospheric or pressure/vacuum, with the latter offering reduced cycle times, the potential for vacuum loading and the full benefits of CIP (clean in place). Batch to batch times are minimised and a range of heating and cooling options can be considered.

Manual, Automatic or Full PLC – simple control through to full ERP integration. Please see GiustiMax (LINK) for details of our modular controls options.

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