Product Development

Product Development

Giusti has been developing mixing, blending, cooking and cooling solutions for over eighty years. The ability to try new recipes and formulations and test new methods before production commitment, has always been key to our clients success.

Giusti is a member of Campden BRI and a fully featured 250 litre Vesuvio cook/cool plant is on permanent loan to the research association and is featured in their impressive trials facility. Trials are on a chargeable basis and include the services of a trials technician. Trials can be undertaken with or without Giusti attendance.

The trials vessel at Campden has also been used in association with Birmingham University in the development of knowledge around temperature time indicators (TTI's). This work is in close association with Dr Gary Tucker of CCFRA and seeks to develop knowledge regarding pasteurisation values in food processing.

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for a copy of a Poster presentation by Karin Mehauden of Birmingham University, on Time Temperature Indicators (TTI's) as an indication of posterisation efficiency.

Please contact Campden BRI or Birmingham University for further details.

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