Mash House

Mash House

Modern Briggs Mash house installations are able to demonstrate significant improvements in yield, clarity and cycle time. Briggs Mash house designs are producing yields in excesss of 415 litres per te of Malt, and with clarity better than 10 EBC with turn around times signifcantly improved compared with previous generations of MashTun.

Briggs Offers:

  • A complete Grist preparation package including 4 and 6 roll mills, weighing, screening and storage
  • Grains distillers, both continuous and batch systems for the preparation of Wort
  • Automated, hygienic Steeles mashing solutions including full CIP
  • Latest generation Briggs Mash Tun with programmable run-off profiles
  • Optimised cycle times
  • Latest generation yields and improved Draff removal
  • Hygienic and CIP-able Wort Cooling linked to automated Yeast Dosing
  • Finishes can be showcase or industrial
  • Robust long-life design

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