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Spirit of Cricket Derbyshire Trophy

Jul 18, 2014

As part of a 5 year partnership with Derbyshire County Cricket Club (DCCC), Briggs of Burton commissioned “The Spirit of Cricket Derbyshire” Trophy in memory of Keith Poynton.  The Trophy will be presented for the first time at the Derbyshire County Cricket Club’s 3AAA ground at the Player of the Year Awards Evening.

The Spirit of Cricket Derbyshire Trophy is an Edwardian English sterling silver, two-handled cup weighting 55 troy ounces (1711g) and was made by Walker & Hall, in Sheffield, 1909. The Trophy is inscribed “SPIRIT OF CRICKET DERBYSHIRE, FAC QUOD PROMISISTI, IN MEMORIAM KEITH POYNTON (1957 – 2014)” and sits 51cm (20”) height on its’ plinth. You can see the Trophy during the upcoming Worldwide Distilled Spirits Conference, 2014 in Glasgow before it is handed over to the club.