Utilities for Brewing

Utilities for Brewing 

Water and Energy are essential commodities for every client we work for.

Energy usage is a key cost driver for most clients and inextricably linked to carbon footprint. Briggs has extensive experience of process improvement and innovation that has significantly reduced energy usage for clients around the globe. The scope of our activities covers a wide span from simple issues such as maintenance recommendations to major energy recovery schemes. Recently, clients have asked us to consider schemes incorporating AD (anaerobic digestion) and co-generation systems.

Water availability has become not just a cost issue, but something that can affect a client's 'license to operate'. Briggs has many innovative process enhancements to use and re-use water and has saved a number of large clients very significant volumes.

Briggs can claim close involvement in the scheme at CUB Brisbane (now SAB Miller) which in the world of Brewing, established one of the world's benchmarks for the efficient use of water. More recently Briggs has helped Diageo with continous process improvement, leading to significant water usage reduction in its Scottish distilleries.

Briggs is also a sponsor of several grass roots initiatives to improve industrial use of water and energy. For example, our sponsorship of the Great Lakes Water conservation workshop aimed at Brewers in the Great Lakes states within the USA, whose objective is to reveal best practise not only in water conservation but sensible use of energy.

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