Dry Goods For Brewing

Dry Goods For Brewing

Briggs is one of the UK's most experienced companies in dry goods/cereals processing and provides sophisticated solutions to a number of industry sectors.

Briggs of Burton PLC aquired a large part of Richard Sizer Ltd in 1993 and a heritage of supply to virtually every large brewer in the UK and a large part of the Scottish Distilling sector.

With many years front line service to the brewing, distilling, malting and agricultural industries worldwide, Richard Sizer occupied a unique position. Now an integral part of Briggs, Richard Sizer continues to offer stand-alone solutions or project support within a Briggs engineering context.

Briggs Offers:

  • Malt intake, storage and transfer
  • Grain cleaning and de-stoning
  • Weighing solutions
  • Milling and conditioning
  • Dust aspiration and collection
  • Spent grains discharging
  • Pelleted material handling
  • Explosion protection

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