In the international brewing industry Briggs enjoys an outstanding reputation, with an engineering heritage that goes back over 270 years. Briggs offers total capability, from dry goods to large pack.

Briggs offers leading technologies in dry goods, mash conversion, lautering, mash filtration and wort boiling. The Briggs Symphony external wort boiling system is capable of producing energy savings in the order of 5% of total brewery usage and improved volatile stripping.

Briggs is an ideal partner in the development of cold beer processing systems from wort cooling through to bright beer maturation & conditioning projects.

Richard Sizer is the UK's most experienced company in cereals processing for brewing and distilling.

Briggs offers a wide-range of leading Automation solutions using platforms supplied by Rockwell, Siemens, ABB, DeltaV, Mitsubishi, Omron, and most of the other key hardware providers. Briggs is a leading exponent of S88 technology and has wide experience of batch processing systems.

Project management, consultancy and design services complete the Group’s impressive capabilities.

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