Briggs first significant Biofuels project was in 2008, when it commissioned the world's first demonstration scale lignocellulosic ethanol facility for TMO Renewables. Briggs has been a partner in the "Lignocellulosic Conversion to bioEthanol" (LACE) project at University of Nottingham - which operated as one of five strands under a £27m grant from Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council (BBSRC). Briggs have since been involved in several large scale Biofuel projects.

Briggs has sponsored a number of PhD research projects in this developing area of science, with an emphasis on developing the understanding of pre-treatment and process energy balance.

Briggs particular expertise is in the area of material pre-treatment and hygienic process - skills particularly relevant to the second generation Biofuels industry, where both viability and yields can be affected if the process is not "clean".

Briggs long experience in Brewing and Distilling, and a particular expertise in CIP (clean-in-place) technologies, can bring substantial benefits to clients looking to develop or improve processes in this new field. Briggs almost always operates under strict conditions of confidentiality, and much of the work it has recently been involved in, is not yet in the public domain.

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