Process Automation

S88.01 Standard

S88.01 Standard

The S88 standard enables clear and concise transfer of information between different disciplines, specifically the Process Engineer and the Automation Engineer. The standard breaks down 'process areas' into 'process cells', 'process units', 'equipment modules' and finally 'phases'. Using these smaller 'blocks' the URS(User Requirement Specification), FDS (Functional Design Specification) and ultimately the final control software, are constructed in a logical 'easy to follow' way.

Briggs Automation uses up to the minute process control techniques and standards, allowing clients real operational and strategic benefit from what are major capital investments.

IEC 1131-3 Standard

This standard describes control languages, including graphical and traditional ladder logic.
MES products based on 'S88.01' generally use this standard for high level control system languages and PLCs such as Siemens and Rockwell are compliant.

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