Process Automation

Electrical Engineering Design

Electrical Engineering Design 

Briggs specialises in the design and implementation of Power and Automation Systems, including system design, electrical installation, commissioning, CAD drawings and user manuals. Briggs Automation has been delivering Electrical Control and Automation systems to a wide range of customers across the world for over 20 years, including work in Continental Europe, China, Russia, The Caribbean, Africa and Australia.

Briggs Offers:

  • Power and automation system design
  • Systems integration services
  • Automation Communication Networks
  • Variable Speed Drive (VSD) and Instrumentation configuration
  • Systems commissioning
  • CAD Drawings, user manuals and system documentation
  • Management of 3rd party installations as required.

Scope of Electrical Installations

  • AS-I Networks
  • Plant Electrical Installations
  • Profibus Networks
  • Heavy Power Cabling
  • Industrial Ethernet Networks
  • Instrumentation Cabling
  • DeviceNet Networks
  • General Industrial Wiring
  • ControlNet Networks
  • Industrial Elec Maintenance


  • Safety BUS p (PILZ)
  • Motor Control/Power
  • Data Highway (Plus)
  • Conveyor Control/Power
  • Remote I/O Networks
  • PLC / SCADA control wiring
  • Modbus Networks
  • Hydraulic & Pneumatic
  • Hart Networks
  • Safety Monitoring Systems

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