A-FRAME is quite simply a process engineers toolbox.

There are six toolsets: Click Here

  • Advanced 3D modelling
  • Intelligent Process & Instrument diagrams
  • Automation tools and simulation
  • Lean / World class manufacturing development
  • Reducing energy and water usage
  • Advanced project management tools

The key is flexibility, and an ability to develop process engineered solutions that match your needs.
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Some examples of where we can use the A-Frame approach:

  • Strategic, viability or capital efficiency reviews
  • Asset planning and optimization
  • New process identification and implementation
  • Major process improvement or risk reduction initiatives
  • Identification and elimination of process weaknesses
  • Energy, water and environmental impact reduction schemes
  • New facility design and implementation
  • Competitive benchmarking and best in market initiatives
  • Operating cost reduction programmes
  • Rough cut and detailed capacity planning
  • Linkage of process to ERP system

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